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February/March 2016

Dear Crown Valley Picklers,

We are sorry we were unable to send out a newsletter in February because of issues we’ve had with the new Windows 10 email. 


***If you want to be dropped from our emails, please reply NO and we will remove you from our contact list. Our feelings won’t be hurt if you decide to drop us. You can always access our newsletters on our website: see below


Here’s our 2-month newsletter to update you on what’s happening at Crown Valley Pickleball Courts.


First, we want to reassure you that Pickleball at Crown Valley courts is NOT going away.  Even though the elementary school is changing to “Roots”, a K-8 charter school in August, we have been reassured by the City of Laguna Niguel Parks & Rec Dept. that we have an agreement with the school district & that there will be no interference with our Mon-Fri morning drop-in activities.  


Crown Valley Pickleball Hours February 1 – June 30, 2016:

Mon – Fri 9:00 – 12 noon

Friday afternoon 3:00 -  6:00 *Arrange your own games. There is no guarantee that a club member will be available to unlock the courts.

Saturdays – NO Pickleball is played until after Little League season is over

Sundays – 10:00 am – 2:00 pm


*Pickleball Courts are available at LN Regional Park on La Paz Rd between Crown Valley Parkway & Aliso Creek Rd. Take your paddle & Pickleball. No charge for Pickleball, parking fee is $5 on weekends. Hours 6 am – dusk.

*Courts are also available at Sendero Park on Hwy 74 aka Ortega Hwy in San Juan Capistrano.  No charge for Pickleball, take your paddle & Pickleball.


Membership dues are now pro-rated @ $40 for March-Oct, 2016. A check is preferred & please make it out to CVPB when paying for your dues.


**Crown Valley Pickleball celebrates its 5th anniversary on July 4th. Woohoo! We are making plans for a special party in order to recognize this milestone. Stay tuned for more information regarding our summer celebration party.


We are sad to announce that Jay Seideman has passed into eternity. Jay has been a member of CVPB.  He and his wife, Sue Smith, drove from Simi Valley to play with us on weekends for several years.  Jay is dearly missed by those who knew him.


Please keep the following friends in your thoughts & prayers: Tony Hatcher, Bob Miller, Joe Smart, Sandy Hunter, Mernie Curb & Ron Russell.


*Dan Roditi is now offering private & group lessons, at Crown Valley, for those players who want to “up their game” to the next level, for intermediate and/or advanced players.  Call or text him 714-308-1521.

*Lonnie Kojima offers group lessons at Crown Valley for beginners, advanced beginners, & intermediate players.  Email him pokerlonnie@gmail.com;  call him 949-291-8083. 

*Need a new Pickleball paddle?  Ask Lonnie about his selection of paddles.


Results of recent tournaments for our Crown Valley Members & Guests:

Cranberry Slam PB Classic, Whitney Mesa Tennis Complex, Henderson, NV,  Nov 27 – 29

Congratulations to Eve Stuart & Mario Najera for earning medals.


Voyager Holiday Open, Tucson AZ, Dec 3 – 6

Congrats to DeeDee Jackson & partner MXD skill 4.0


Shadow Mountain Pickleball Challenge, Shadow Mountain CC, Palm Desert,  Dec 11 – 13

Gold Medals

Mary Barsaleau & partner MXD skill 4.0 – 4.5

Mary Barsaleau & partner WD age 50 – 89 




Tucson Senior Olympics, Tucson, AZ, 1/11-1/14

Congrats to Barbara Wise for her medal


USAPA Southwest Regional Tournament, Sun City, AZ, 1/14-1/17

Bronze Medal

Jackie Vohs & partner MXD skill 4.5, age 60+

Congrats to Christine McGrath & Barbara Wise for their medals


Tustin Winter Classic, Currie Courts, Tustin, CA, 1/16-1/18

Gold Medals

Anna Ung & Norb Weisbeck MXD skill 3.0

April Averbach & Anna Ung WD skill 3.0

Silver Medals

Derek Gebo & partner MD skill 4.5

Lisa Jameson Susan Posilovich WD skill 3.5

Stacy Proctor & partner WD skill 4.5

Bronze Medals

Jo Ekblad & Buz Buster MXD skioll 3.0

Kris Hatcher & Kathy Roberts WD Open Division

Cathi Hamen & Kris Hatcher WD skill 4.5

Congrats to Sid Crossley, Carrie Dye, Joe Encarnacion, Roula Fawaz, Donna Osuna, Sylvia Salazar, Justin Shomaker, Sue Smith, Alex Vincent, Barbara Wise for earning their medals.


Palm Desert Resort Picklebowl, Palm Desert, 2/4-2/7

Gold Medal

Ron Chang & partner MD age 35+

Congrats to Barbara Wise who also won a medal


1st Annual Pebble Creek Pickleball Tournament, Goodyear, AZ 2/10-2/112

Gold Medal

Jackie Vohs & partner MXD skill 4.5, age 60+

Silver Medal

Ron Chang & partner MD skill 5.0, age 50+




Bobby Riggs 2016 Grand Prix, Encinitas, 2/14

Gold Medal

Betsy Moore & partner MXD skill 4.5

Silver Medal

Stacy Proctor & partner WD skill 4.5

Bronze Medal

Betsy Moore & partner WD skill 4.5

Congrats to Sid Crossley, Carrie Dye, Craig Haas, Preston McCollom, Kathy Roberts, Justin Shomaker, Mike Stahl, & Eitan Weisner, for their medals.


ISF Palm Desert Senior Games, Palm Desert, 2/19-2/21

Gold Medal

Dennis Louie MS skill 4.5, age 65+

Susan Posilovich & partner WD skill 3.5, age 50+

Silver Medal

Dennis Louie & Bill Smith  MD skill 5.0, age 65+

Bill Smith MS skill 4.5, age 70+

Jackie Vohs & Dennis Louie MXD skill 5.0, age 60+

Betsy Moore & partner MXD skill 5.0, age 55+

Bronze Medals

Steve Barrett & Kelly Painter MD skill 3.5, age 55+

Ron Chang & partner MD skill 5.0, age 55+

Bill Greenwalt MS skill 4.5, age 65+

Susan Posilovich & Steve Barrett MXD skill 3.5, age 50+

Jean Simmons & partner WD skill 3.5, age 65+ (her first tournament)

Jackie Vohs & Kathy Roberts WD skill 5.0, age 55+

Congrats to Alice Dodgson & Cathy Parkhurst for their medals.


2016 Grand Canyon State Games, El Mirage, AZ, 2/24-2/28

Bronze Medal

Ron Chang & partner MXD 50+

Congrats to Christine McGrath & Mario Najera for their medals.

*Future tournaments can be found on www.pickleballtournaments.com

*Support the game you love: Join USAPA  www.usapa.org


Bits & Pieces:

*CVPB hired Roy Pruneda’s Tree Trimming Service to trim the trees that overhang the courts.  Thanks Roy, & your crew, for helping to keep us looking well groomed. 

*Also, we want to thank Tyler Anderson for his faithfulness in washing the courts and backdrops each month.  We often get positive comments on how well our courts & the whole facility are maintained.

*Please check in the black box for your lost articles: jackets, towels, sunglasses, etc.

*Play Pickleball in Jamaica ‘Mon! Dates: Nov 30 – Dec 7 and/or Dec 7 – 14, 2016.  For information contact Audrey Phillips veryaud@gmail.com




Bill & Terri Smith, USAPA Ambassadors to Saddleback Valley & South Orange County, CA

cvpickleball@gmail.com  www.crownvalleypickleball.orgwww.usapa.org

Phone: 949-874-2482